Sunday, April 15, 2007

The way to my heart is, in fact, through my stomach.

I fully expected the Food Network awards to go something like this:

Best Half-Assed Cookin': Sandra Lee for "Semi-Homemade"
Best Sweater Potatoes: Giada DeLaurentis for all of her low-cut tops
Best Douchebag: Bobby Flay for "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"
Best Ingestion of Sheep Intestines: Alton Brown for that one episode of "Feasting on Asphalt" where he goes to a Navajo reservation and learns how to grill sheep intestines

But, thus far, is actually way cooler than I thought.

The awards are not for people who work for Food Network. They are actually a celebration of food producers across the country. Awards have been given out to chocolaters, food-preparation inventions, ice cream innovations, etc.

A company called MooBella just won the ice cream innovation, and rightly so. I apparently just missed them when I was in Boston. There is a MooBella machine at Boston University.


From this I have also learned that if anyone is ever in a bind for what to get me, you can sign me up for any of these food-delivery/food-of-the-month club services:
Potato Chip of the Month Club
Cheese of the Month Club
Soup of the Month Club
Pizza of the Month Club
Cake of the Month Club
Organic Fruit and Veggie of the Month Club
Potato Sampler of the Month Club
Beer of the Month Club

I'm also way into LobsterGrams, but please don't buy them for me considering I don't eat meat. You'd be better off sending me Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza.


Meg said...

Rachael Ray has a magazine.

I saw it the other day, and was a little bit shocked by it, because it seemed to me I'd only just begun to hear of her, and so it seemed unnatural that her popularity has skyrocketed so quickly as to warrant her own magazine.

Is she some sort of Martha Stewart or Oprah-produced femme-bot, I wondered.

At any rate it seemed invitingly colorful.

Stevi said...

Rachael Ray not only has a magazine, but she has a talk show which features a "60 Second Snack" version of her popular Food Network Show "30 Minute Meals."

I do not watch the talk show or read her magazine. I think the mag has been around for about a year; the talk show, since June.

She is very much an Oprah-produced femme-bot. I think she got the mag and talk-show deals through her friendship with Oprah.

Interestingly, Rachael had never been to Harpo Studios, where Oprah has a large photo in the lobby from her role as Sethe in Beloved (with the chokecherry tree on her back, and all). And Rachael, being essentially an uneducated country-bumpkin who coins words like "yum-o," saw the photo and allegedly said, "Why's she dressed up in slave rags? She must have some kind of slave complex or something."

Nice. Nice work, Rachael Ray