Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lana Turner was always well turned-out.

I have been lazy/bored/busy/whatever in the past couple of weeks.

As you can see, I only managed to muster up the desire to change the look and title of this place.

I like the new design a lot better; it feels somehow more legible than the last, Edward Gorey-Tim Burton infusion I had. (Which I liked, no doubt, but it wasn't as . . . internety, if that makes any sense.) This incarnation I think has a lot of things going for it. The layout is cleaner, the posts are easier to read, I can actually have an absurdly long title . . . and so on.

Furthermore, I like the lips.

Though I don't do it in the daytime anymore, bold red lips are my signature look. That's who I was in high school, this perfect pin-up goddess, this tiny blonde faux Marilyn/Jane Mansfield/Lana Turner. I can't say I miss the person I was then, because that bitch was crazy, but sometimes I miss doing the pin-up thing, which is probably why I have an account at

I also like the idea of the lips, bold red lips at that, being a forum for speech, a place where words and utterances are produced.

I find it funny that the lips in this photo have a bit of excess lip gloss running down the side, as well.

Also, red is my favorite color.

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