Sunday, March 02, 2008

Posting falls second to spending time with my new husband.


When finally you move in with someone that you've been with for years, the notion of alone time seems to fall by the wayside and you spend every evening making up for the number of evenings you didn't get to spend together throughout your relationship.

Marcus and I have been together for over 6 years, moved in together in July and got married last October.

So we're still doing that "spending every moment possible together" thing.

But because of that, certain things have been neglected for far too long. I've finally gotten into the groove of balancing work with absurd amounts of internet surfing, so the posting can resume. I've even begun to resurrect my book blog, an experiment I tried back in 2005 that quickly disintegrated.

In any case, I'll take this time to post a few photos of the events leading up to and concluding in my nuptuals.

Tally ho!

The Bachelorette Party

Jenn buys me a silly hat for my tiny head.

It lights up! And has penises on it! I am referred to by a strange man on BART as "The Weiner Devil."

At one point, I decided my pretty hat should be around my neck instead. To my dismay, my pretty hat later leaked battery acid on my chest, leaving me with a slight rash across my chest that, thankfully, was totally gone by the wedding on Saturday.

We met up in the Mission for dinner and drinks at Luna Park, which was awesome, but not quite as carnie-licious as I had hoped. Amazing mushroom ravioli things. Delicious goat cheese fondue. The best Singapore Sling I've ever had in my life! Some amazing grape cocktail called an Ice Breaker which is basically grape vodka and contineau. It tastes like exotic Kool aid and I am pretty sure I could drink it forever. All in all, a tame night. Lots of alcohol. No raunchiness. Threw up some god-awful pink drink when we moved on to the Elbo Room. Then I threw up in a tree on the way to Bart.

I am so good at vomiting.

The Rehearsal Dinner

We have the most awkward rehearsal ever with a wedding coordinator we didn't hire. We knew that we'd have someone coordinating our event as it came with the package we had from the hotel. However, we had been working with a different coordinator prior to the rehearsal, only to discover that the hotel had switched their schedules that day and thus we were stuck with a horrible beast of a woman who yelled at my bridesmaid, yelled at my guests and could not seem to fathom that my honor attendant was a man and the Best Man would be a woman.

I think the look on my bridesmaids' faces generally sums up how everyone felt about our coordinator.

But after that, we had a lovely lovely dinner with all of our attendants and out parents at a little Italian place around the corner from the hotel. Much wine was poured -- some of it into a glass that still had a different kind of wine in it -- and then afterwards we hit the hotel bar with my attendants . . . and then, true to our Santa Barbara roots, we all decided that we should grab things from the liquor store and drink in our rooms . . .

The face you make when you're getting married in less than 24 hours.

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