Monday, October 01, 2007

In which I appease Drew and Meg.

I spend a lot of my time these days on the train to and from San Francisco. This is actually pretty great because it gives me two guaranteed half hour blocks of time each day to read. As such, I finish 200 pagers in about 2 days. It's awesome. Other than the fact that I have to get up early in order to get parking at the BART station, I will never ever complain about this commute. I'm on the train at an early enough stop on the line to guarantee a seat every day, and I guarantee a pleasant ride by intentionally sitting next to people who also have books.

This, however, does not guarantee a lack of crazies.

I mean it. If you want to meet some choice characters, start taking Bay Area Rapid Transit.

I'm trying to get into the habit of cataloging all the strange and interesting folk I see on the train, but that may be something I have to discipline myself to do after this whole wedding business is over and done with.

I'm really ready for the wedding thing to be over with. Thank God its less than two weeks away. At this point, I seem to only be concerned with my bridesmaids' abilities to purchase evening appropriate shoes.

Other than riding the train, most of my time not spent working has been devoted to making tiny canisters of personalized M&Ms look pretty with film strip-style bows and little name cards and such . . . or handwriting 160 place cards and stamping them with pictures of the food that person intends to ingest (little golden chickens and little silver blue fish and shiny green carrots) . . . or flipping through guidebooks to decide where I want to squander my money when I'm in Spain.

I'm rather exhausted. The wedding business is a lot of extra work, and I look forward to using up my last bits of energy in Spain, and then veging out with my new husband and watching a lot of TV.

I promise details of our adventures in Spain and many many stories about the crazies I see on the train . . . but for now, I'm sure I should be writing movie names on clapboards (our version of table numbers).


Drew said...


Meg said...

Dear Stevi,

You have changed residences. You have gotten married. You have gone on a honeymoon to Barcelona and Madrid.

Why aren't you posting about all this? It's prime material and I know I'm not the only one made curious by all of it.