Sunday, April 09, 2006

Three drinks for foriegn words.

My coworkers from the newspaper invited me out to happy hour with them on Friday night.

Bill and I invented a Boggle drinking game.

This is what people who work at a newspaper do.

This internship really is the best thing that I've ever done. I may not be really into hardcore business news (and, really, I doubt I ever will be), but I love the atmosphere.

I love having my own desk. And going out for drinks after work (and not at someone's house at 1 in the morning).

I also love proofreading.

Now if only the Business Times were Food & Wine . . . or The Believer.

I bet the crew at the Believer would be very receptive to a Boggle drinking game.

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Meg said...

"Until I Find You" features a secondary main character who is a tattoo artist "searching" for the father of her son.

She tattoos her way around Europe, and owns a shop of her own eventually, and is extremely well-known for various reasons, including apprenticeship alongside Sailor Jerry and being daughter to a possibly ficitional but wildly famous Scottish tattooist.

She herself has trademark flash - notably torn hearts and the Rose of Jericho (which apparently is a vulva hidden in the petals of a rose). And since one of the main conflicts is between her and her son, she figures into the story heavily, and these two tattoos become recurring symbols. Tattoo-themed diction is a recurring motif, as well.

Probably more than you cared to know. But now you have your answer. I think.

The only thing is, the book just came out this year. The author, John Irving, is a notable contemporary American writer - by that, I mean it's not pulp - but I don't know if this book has been around long enough to carry much weight as a resource for literary tattoos.

Check it out anyway. Irving's a god.