Thursday, May 19, 2005

Moon Hamlet is a harsh mistress.

I have been doing nothing but sewing for Moon Hamlet for the majority of this week. The highlights of today were as follows:

1. Watching Christiana bang open keyboards on my patio such that I may extract their flexible circuitry to attach to Opheliatron during her mad scene. Christiana scares me a little bit. She owns a hatchet. And she is quite tiny. I would fear for my safety if she didn't generally like me so much. She was kind of like a crazy, crazy otter banging abalone wildly on rocks and such to extract the succulent vittles inside. It was about the coolest thing I saw all day.

2. I sewed together pants for 2-headed (and 3-legged) mutants. I am so useful. Cassie and I put them on and walked around the house just to make sure I'd done them right. They are quite ridiculous. Nonetheless, I am so useful.

3. Corey worked the huge pile of knots out of my shoulders. Well, most of them, anyway. I don't expect to lose the knots entirely until after finals, but a massage certainly helped for today.

Our last tech rehearsal is tomorrow night. It will also be our first one with complete dress. Tomorrow night is going to be very interesting. And I am very behind in everything but Moon Hamlet.

Take pity on me. See Hamlet on the Moon. Little bits of my fingers are lovingly sewn into each garment!

1 comment:

Christiana said...

I do not scare you!!

...but I did scare Jhonen Vasquez... hee :)