Monday, May 02, 2005

I, too, sing the praises of customized fun.

My new favorite thing is I've known about the Neighborhoodies since way back when they were a much smaller company that particularly specialized in printing things with your hometown on them. (Last year, the roommates, Nikki Ferry and I joked about getting Neighborhoodies tees with "Stockton," "Hawthorne," "Loyalton," and "Crockett" on them. This never came to fruition. Mostly, I don't wish to publicize that I am from Crockett.) Now, the company has seriously revamped itself and offers a whole host of things that were previously unavailable, and fully customizable.

Recent purchases from Neighborhoodies include:
  1. A little blue t-shirt with the words "shiksa goddess" emblazoned on the front in white.
  2. A brown collared sweatshirt with a rampant lion and the word "Denmark" on the back.

The Shiksa shirt was something I deemed I needed after listening to The Last 5 Years. Marcus had taken to quoting parts of the song to me, usually:
"I'm your Hebrew slave, at your service
Just tell me what to do."
"You, you are the story I should write."
The Last 5 Years has become such a very important show to us, and listening to "Shiksa Goddess" makes me so incredibly happy. It plays in my head all day when I wear the t-shirt to promote my absolute un-Jewishness.

As for the Denmark sweatshirt, I have wanted one ever since I saw that Rachel Rose (LMU's Ophelia in the Ron Marasco Hamlet) was wearing one. Granted, her's was white and technically a track jacket, but nonetheless, I definitely wanted one. Taking this job, costuming Hamlet on the Moon, made me think that I definitely deserved a Denmark sweatshirt. So I shelled out the cash to finally buy myself something after all the money I've shelled out to support Moon Hamlet.

Moon Hamlet is a harsh mistress, who spends all my money and puts me to work for what feels (at times) like no reward. But now that I've got my gangster sweatshirt, I can say that I at least got something more out of this than just a credit to my growing design resume.

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