Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Awesome Band Names, Part 1

I spend a good deal of time turning example sentences from my linguistics courses into band names. These are usually things taken from the word for word translations or example sentences in languages other than English. I'm hoping to make regular lists of these, and lists in general. (Because clearly, the thing I'll miss most about my current job is making lists every week.)

So, my first list of awesome names for bands, with a description of the kind of music I want them to play:

1. Trash Pasta (a ska band from Jersey City)
2. Rancid Crab (a Rancid cover band, preferably from Baltimore)
3. poweredbylesbians (a lesbian grunge band, with possible forays into hair metal)
4. Mr. Apple Says Ow! (my Japanese pop group)
5. Wackernagel Clitics (I can't imagine what kind of music they play, but I sincerely hope it involves accordians)


Bri said...

Some band names I have come up with in various ways:

1. The Lacanian Slovenians (Nerdrock, natch.)

2. Reynaldo! and the Grizzled Teats (Something with a Latin tinge; that, and they have a magic act as part of their stage show.)

3. Whittlin' Dixie (Bluegrass; the lead banjo-ist has a wooden peg leg.)

4. The Muff-Pennies (Girl group in the vein of The Pipettes and/or April March.)

5. Vaginal Downpour (Another one of those angry lesbian rock bands that you find running around these days.)

Anonymous said...

The Panty Hos--- all girl (not necessarily lesbian more bi-curious) punk rock band.

I only got one band name but its a damn good one.

btw, this is Jenn