Tuesday, January 30, 2007

For whom the bells toll.

With Marcus working on the other side of the country, the majority of the wedding planning falls upon me. (He has contributed to finding us photographers, videographers and other such creative types amongst his professional friends.) We have a place and a time and a date and a caterer and an open bar, which are really the huge and important things, and we have open quotes from a florist and a DJ. We have an abundance of photographers and a videographer who told us he'd shoot for free because, "um, I kind of invited myself to your wedding." We've ordered invitations, and, yes, lo, I have ordered my dress.

There are still a lot of details to be handled: food has to be chosen, groomsmen are still up in the air, bridesmaids must be wrangled and put into dresses, we need to start talking to cake people, I need to find people in San Francisco to make me look pretty, etc. But by and large, I feel like this thing, for being planned 350 miles away from where it's actually happening, is pretty under control.

Edan once told me that I should marry someone with superpowers if I was going to plan a wedding outside of my place of residence. I, apparently, have superpowers. And super, super parents.

That, by the way, is my wedding dress. 255 days away from actually getting to wear it!


Meg said...

Dammit, Stevi, you're scaring me very, very badly. I hate seeing how feasible a wedding is. Makes me want to have one of my own.

kelly said...

hi. i was wondering where you found your dress? its price? i am planning a 1930's style wedding as well and really like it. (i found your blog through searching for 1930's style centerpieces somehow!) if you please, get back to me at; kelly2me@gmail.com