Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am a bounty hunter.

With the impending release of Tony Scott's Domino, and the massive buzz about it around the video store. The boys have taken to calling me Domino. Josh explained that I reminded them of her because of "the hair" (which apparently resembles Ms. Knightley's cut in the film) and my "insatiable urge to kill."

I take this to mean my intense rage and propensity toward yelling.

Apparently, Knightley's Domino also has a propensity toward yelling. And she fancies tattoos. And throwing stuff.

I like projectiles.

And I've gotta say, I wish more people noticed that they really wouldn't like me when I am angry. Because there are a good handful of people who managed to piss me off today.

Let me tell you, kids, my new nametag at work doesn't just say "Bounty Hunter" because I like to make geeky movie jokes.

Oh, no. This is business.

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