Sunday, October 26, 2003

I need to do Zombie Prom. My longing for a 1950's Nuclear Rock & Roll Musical has been rekindled. It's no Sunset Boulevard, or Sweeney Todd. Or even Rent or Man of La Mancha (I believe that comprises my top 4, with ZP as #5), but its so much fun!

Somehow, I'll get myself into a production of this. Or produce it myself. It must be done. More people must become aware of the glory that is Zombie Prom.

In high school, I burned 20 copies of the CD and handed it out to all of my friends, asking them, "Have you been Zombified?" Most of them just looked at me funny. They probably took the CD just to make sure I didn't kill them.

But really, though, what more could you want in a musical than a story of teen love that cannot be stopped--not even by death? It's a very hopeful sentiment. Plus, what exactly do you do when a student returns from the dead and wants to finish high school? Equal rights for the undead could be a national crusade.

I can just imagine all the fun costumes for this show. Seriously huge skirts for all the girls, really dorky suit jackets for the guys at prom, funky-ass studded leather, dark-wash jean and Chuck Taylors a la Rebel Without a Cause for Jonny. I can't wait to make his "No H" jacket. And Jonny's post-mortem makeup would be a very fun challenge. I've seen several productions where Jonny has been completely zombified, and looks truly gruesome. And then I've seen others that make him look rather campy and cute (well, as cute as an undead teenage rebel can be). Somewhere in between would be optimum.

Oh, I cannot wait. The world must be Zombified.

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